The ministries form a vital part of our parish and are essential to the function and execution of every mass. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? See below for information on the many ways your talents or interests can benefit the entire parish.

If you wish to become a voluneer, please note that all volunteers must go through a volunteer screening process. Please contact the respective ministry head to indicate your interest in volunteering, and an appointment will be set up with the Screening Committee. They will be pleased to contact you.

Music Ministry

Bishop Daniel Miehm would like to hear your beautiful voices! As part of the renewal of liturgy here at the Cathedral, we are hoping to see greater participation of the congregation in song. Please consider joining the choir or becoming a cantor!

Ministry of Lectors

If you have ever considered becoming a lector and/or commentator, now is the time! You will receive education for your role.

Kerrie Magnus

Cathedral Altar Servers

Students from Grade 3 onward are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers are prepared in the art of serving the altar for masses and other liturgical celebrations. We are always happy to welcome new Servers.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to join, please see below for contact information.

Catherine Ward
Office Administrator


The minister of hospitality (or greeter) is a relatively new role for Catholics. As part of our efforts to build up the community of Saint Peter‑in‑Chains, under the direction of our pastor, the Cathedral will soon be asking our ushers to expand their role to include a hospitality ministry.

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please call the Cathedral Office to speak to Kathy for details.

Dn Bill Radigan
Permanent Deacon


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are properly formed, instructed, and commissioned male of female laypersons. These ministers are appointed for a given parish community to aid in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and to the sick and homebound when ordinary ministers of Holy Communion are unavailable.

If you are interested in becoming a Minister of Holy Communion, please speak to one of the priests after mass or contact one of our ministry leaders, below.

Kerrie Magnus

Parish Knights of Columbus

Peter Stuart
Grand Knight

Catholic Women's League

The Parish Catholic Women’s League invites women to fellowship.

Please follow us on Twitter to learn more!

Colleen Allen

Legion of Mary

Jack Cerveny